Coffin Nails

from by The Doppelgangaz



Milligrams of Temazepam in Old Tappan where he sold sedans
Give the lay of land, but won’t hold your hand
Understand whether you smart kid or
Push cart it or push start it, we impart it
Whether Sephardic or Gentile, check your mental
For this bloody rap, slang menstrual
Splurging, need a surgeon for the Hapsburg chin
Hop on a Schwinn, lets begin with the sermon
In money earning, hit the turn and then he’s crashing Rovers
Told the chick in Fashion Nova get to acting sober
Fiending for soba so forget the car
At the bar bumping Escobar, chirashi with escolar
Inshallah, you heard the scream cause it hurt
Team’s on alert, they put a lien on the yurt
You little squirt, until we croak or ’til we off the rails
suppress the urges with the coffin nails

Take a Look inside a Ganga’s fortress
Some Empty bags of corn chips, used Biore strips and foregrips
Canal street Christian Dior, slips ons, niggas on some hoard shit
Windows boarded, conditions sordid
A Ganga’s views? beyond distorted
He’s non equipped, socially, standing close to him kehd
You might just lose your sponsorship
Keyboard gut, Monster sips, mean PMO death grip
GMO foods, hormones injected
Paranoid when he exits, push a Lenco Bearcat
OG JNCOs from twenty years back
Fake adhere tats, Slava Medvedenko-esque career stats
Y’all niggas hear Matt? Now ask yourself, what would Matt do?
Then do the polar opposite kehd, avoid the snafu
Burying Matthew, you’ll see a statue with the bludgeoned plinth
Solar powered speakers forever playing dungeon synth


from G Pack, Vol. 1, released April 19, 2019


all rights reserved



The Doppelgangaz New York, New York

The Ghastly Duo

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