Monk Mode

from by The Doppelgangaz



Gangaz fuck around and got them Nick Offerman eyes
But won’t deny the offering of the porcelain thighs
My my my wish that I could hedge bets and money line
Sip honey wine recline while they dox me
Moving Supermans and oxys
Too much moxie to stick with the epoxy
Keep a knock kneed steed, she call me schatzi
Godspeed to ya rolling threes in Yahtzee

Ayo the whole room smelling like salmon hibachi
Some botched D cups, Magic Wand Hitachi
Dipping from razzis, Vespa scooting
Acting hi-falutin, ordering pasta with extra gluten
More executing with less commuting
For losses suffered, some restitution, fresh pair
Chilling poolside in slides, Gladys with the fattest butt lounging on a mesh chair
Now her cheeks is lookin’ lattice cut, what

It all happened rather quickly and so she learned
From a mere blown kiss he reached the point of no return, he’s unconcerned
There’s more brolic bass to pan sear
Then trying last a year in it so get your ass in gear, clear?
You got to learn to smash in fear
Scared stiff up in Claire, Tiff
The P is deadly like diabetes, type 2
Fuck a wifey, give me a waifu, true

French Somali Sommeliers with Alsace wine
Hints of pear bring a tear to a glass eye
Her last guy found it rather disconcerting
To slap her ’til she cry and fist her ’til she’s squirting
Long as there’s no risk of it hurting
Or chance of getting frisked, whisked away to serving
Though it might be brisk once they’re done adjourning
A tisk tisk, slap on the wrists is unnerving

Aye it’s rather odd swear to God it’s getting hard to be a Vegas perve
The shit be fucking with my vagus nerve
Too much drama involved with shooting spunk loads
So now a Ganga going monk mode
Used to bless them with shrunk chodes but now we tell em hit the trunk road
Real Gs turn down P
Ayo it’s way too much drama involved with shooting spunk loads
So now a Ganga going monk mode


from G Pack, Vol. 1, released April 19, 2019


all rights reserved



The Doppelgangaz New York, New York

The Ghastly Duo

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