from by The Doppelgangaz



Yo Tropicana josh drop the razor, before you pull the trigger slime
No digital shape up, just tap nigga line
Swig of fine wine then he flew to Chi Town
He said if you’re going to pick it out, make sure you pat them sides down
Listen, niggas say they’re sickos, we’re nastier, real Gs hang low like macromastia
Doppel Gang ghastlier than your average, wreaking havoc
Since the cloak was just a sheet of fabric
Reeked of haddock from all the floozies
Dancing erratically, sweating profusely
Loosey goosey, probably burn you like a Juicy Lucy
Getting in touch with inner hoochie
Beneath the table, flashing her coochi at Bertuccis
it’s all Gucci whether it’s MOF or cousin E
Let your hair down, you know we’re judgement free
Curmudgeons be like “nah, they can’t be trending”
Now they’re plotting, searching for that antivennin, Tarantism

Ayo who’s to say who produce the best Chartreuse or Cru Beaujolais
Yous in the loose zoot suits what can ya do for me?
Chicken out the packet little salt then call it a day
Hey, did a show at CMJ with TMJ
Rap lords, when you see them pray
Use per diem on the E and J
DNA, not of the gang to sell you the same
Rather, piss on your leg and tell you it’s rain
Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame
On the block where they Buda slang, Oi Tudo Bem!
No parents to implant the wisdom or vision
Transparent with the tarantism, listen
He’s jealous even if you just bit on a Pringle
For years in cellars eating some shit on a shingle
Now he’s got the bank tellers admitting their single
Overzealous off a jingle

Straight deaded by the eight legged
Venom spreaded by the dreaded
Dance like chicken beheaded
Once u get it don’t forget it
Its Prophetic, Tarantism


from G Pack, Vol. 1, released April 19, 2019


all rights reserved



The Doppelgangaz New York, New York

The Ghastly Duo

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